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A Black Kitten Needs a Home!! (Houston Area)


If you live in the Houston area and are looking for a black kitty, this one needs a good home. The other kitty is a beautiful calico. These kitties are at a “kill” shelter in LaPorte so time is critical. Please call 281-842-3700 if you are interested. The kittens are only six weeks old and they look really sweet. The shelter is open seven days a week from 7:00am – 6:00pm.



The Ugly Duckling Story


Here is some information about my black cat. His name is Max and he is approximately five weeks old. He is an outside cat, but I do keep him locked in the garage at night. I don’t have a picture of him yet, but he is getting cuter. The funny thing about black kittens is that they kind of look mangy at first. Look at the one above – kind of creepy. Their black hair is thin and their skin can be visible. This might be why they aren’t the first choice with cat lovers. But I can tell you that once a black cat gets older, they get more beautiful. Their hair thickens and turns so shiney. Going back to my Max, he finally is beginning to look beautiful now.  🙂

Black Cats are Cool


If you google Black Cat, you get such a variety of hits. From fireworks to bad luck. I remember my kid brother used to love buying Black Cat fireworks. In fact, he lost his hearing on one of his ears because he popped Black Cats so much as a kid. We would go out to our farm in the woods on the weekend and he would pop those things all the time. He blew up cans, cow patties, and other junk. The cow patties got really nasty sometime because they would blow up all over the place.  These days it seems like we keep such a tight reign on our kids compared to when we grew up.  I can’t imagine my boys blowing up cow patties on a Sunday afternoon . . .

Discrimination Against Black Cats

Did you know that black cats are one of the most euthanized animals in the United States? It is sad that black cats are thought of as evil and Halloween kitties. If you have ever owned a black cat, you would understand that it is pure discrimination against this wonderful animal.

So for those of you who love animals, but are less partial to black cats – open your eyes.  Check out all the cat adoption places in your local area and notice how many black cats have a difficult time being adopted out.

For those of you who love black cats like me, let me know how you feel.

Kitty 1