Discrimination Against Black Cats

Did you know that black cats are one of the most euthanized animals in the United States? It is sad that black cats are thought of as evil and Halloween kitties. If you have ever owned a black cat, you would understand that it is pure discrimination against this wonderful animal.

So for those of you who love animals, but are less partial to black cats – open your eyes.  Check out all the cat adoption places in your local area and notice how many black cats have a difficult time being adopted out.

For those of you who love black cats like me, let me know how you feel.

Kitty 1



  1. As you tell, I love BLACK CATS. They have the dynamic eyes. And thanks for putting up this website.

  2. Vladimir Said:

    You have excellent taste. Black is Beautiful.

    The Black Cat is the most superb of a superb species. I could go on for paragraph after paragraph on the sheer utter excellence of the feline noir but I fear you may think me conceited. I am, after all, a black cat myself.

    ( Second place in the Top Cat stakes goes to the Ginger Tom).

  3. Melanie Said:

    We love black cats here in England! Miaow! Purr! x

  4. Andree Said:

    I adopted two amazing black cats after fostering them from a kill shelter. I never thought I would share my life with black cats. But two days after fostering them I was in love with them 🙂 They are the most amazing cats I’ve ever known. Affectionate, funny, talkative…just perfect for me. Today is Friday the 13th..may our lovely black cats bring us luck :))

    • conif Said:

      Hi Andree – that was very generous for you to adopt both cats. Yes – much luck to all of us on Friday the 13th.

      Coni 🙂

  5. rachel Said:

    hello fellow black cat lovers! i love the article it is so true the black cat has such a bad rep. i adopted my first cat ever about 1-1/2 yrs ago, he was 11 weeks old, i only wanted a clack cat. i adopted him from nine lives a NO KILL shelter in MA. i would just like to say i think some people forget that cats, especially black cats were once praised like kings or pharoahs in ancient eygptian times, they were thought to be bring good omens and protection. they were so sought after and highly regaurded that they were mumified like the kings and queens of eygpt. i personally think they are very regal looking cats, and they are loveable and very entertaining animals.

  6. Noraly Said:

    I have two black cats of 9 years old.They have brought me nothing but luck. But..isn’t it true that cats aren’t really black as in black? In the sunlight one of mine is very darkish brown with tabby pattern. The other one is ‘more of a black one’ (possibly mixed race) and has one brown eye. Even he has a tabby pattern.

  7. Christy Said:

    I adopted a few black kittens from a kill shelter. Their eyes were such a bright yellow, they’re like a bunch of kids; messy but fun to be with. Plus, I already have two other black kittens from a different shelter. They’re adorable!


  8. I am starting to feel very bad about the whole “basement cat” routine at Icanhascheesburger. I volunteer at a cat shelter and I know how much black cats are overlooked, spending far longer at the shelter than any other color. I wasn’t even aware that people disliked them – I didn’t think them different from any other cat color.

  9. I love black cats. Check out my cats blog to see his point of view! Salemspookypants.wordpress.com

  10. rebelcry3 Said:

    One of my closest friends is a black cat. His name is Blue Bell. One of the nicest things in the world is walking him on a leash. He loves it too.

  11. LuluB Said:

    I have a sweet little black kitty with a kinky tail named Crybaby.
    She is black-no tabby pattern that I can see, with a random white hair poking out here and there. She really is a beauty in appearance and temperament. We fostered 3 abandoned kittens I bottle fed them and although she was neutered and just a teenager she cleaned and cared for them. We kept one of the kittens because she loved him so much. She is the second black cat that I’ve had over the years, the first lived to be 23 yrs old and was a fantastic cat who converted my cat hating husband to a real cat lover. I luv all cats but the black cats who’ve owned me have been really special.

  12. sumbuddy Said:

    I like black cats… They’re elegant and posh. But since I’m in malaysia, animal shelters is like very rare to begin with. :/ Mostly people simply pick up stray cats or just buy them here.

  13. Matt Said:

    I love black cats, here in the UK they are also the last to be adopted, Rosie my cat adopted me, and with her owners permission came to live with me full time! I love black cats, they are sleek, wonderful companions and utterly loveable – like all cats – but don’t overlook black cats!

  14. Anna Carrillo Said:

    I love my two black. They adopted me and I love them so very much. Sofie and Lulu are a very big part of my life.
    Black cats have been given a bad rap but anyone that has
    black cats know they are very special and smart and lots of
    fun. Never a dull moment when the awake. Pure joy…

  15. brittnet Said:

    I have a black cat myself (moon). and i live in ohio. just a couple of weeks ago my husband was at a petco and there was two black cat brothers up for adoption. my husband said that people just stuck they’re noses up at them saying they were bad luck and so on. it broke his heart. besides our eleven year old we have 3 other cats.but i am very protective of moon and i stick up for all black cats any time i hear someone bashing them. i mean really some people should have a better open mind. i love all my cats and they are my greatest companions. SAVE THE BLACK CATS!!!!

  16. DCD Said:

    Last year my wife and I adopted the most beautiful black cat we’ve ever seen. No one wanted neither her or sister. Our house and hearts have so much love for this cat as she’s brought happiness and joy in our home. I regret not getting both but her sister has a good home as well.

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