Black Cats are Cool


If you google Black Cat, you get such a variety of hits. From fireworks to bad luck. I remember my kid brother used to love buying Black Cat fireworks. In fact, he lost his hearing on one of his ears because he popped Black Cats so much as a kid. We would go out to our farm in the woods on the weekend and he would pop those things all the time. He blew up cans, cow patties, and other junk. The cow patties got really nasty sometime because they would blow up all over the place.  These days it seems like we keep such a tight reign on our kids compared to when we grew up.  I can’t imagine my boys blowing up cow patties on a Sunday afternoon . . .



  1. Earl Said:

    I hear what you’re saying about black cats but I didn’t realize there was such a stigma surrounding them. I rescued a black kitten from a tree in my parent’s backyard and she turned out to be a wonderful outdoor cat. After reading your blog, I wonder if someone may have dumped her off because she was a black cat that no one wanted.

  2. Mickey Said:

    Thank you for starting this blog about black cats. Our adoption agency has had the experience of someone coming to meet “cuddly, outgoing cats.” They may sit there with Cheyenne on their laps–purring, cuddly, outgoing, while they talk about the personality they are looking for. But in the end, they leave falling in love with a more colorful cat.

    I applaud you for letting people know how wonderful black cats can be!

  3. cep555 Said:

    I also have a black kitty and she is a very sweet cat. Her fur, like mentioned before, grew into a beautiful shiny coat. My daughter named her Mitzy. She strayed up to our house when she was about 6 or 8 weeks old. She is definitely a beloved member of our family now.

    Great job on the blog site!! 🙂

  4. P.A. Spayd Said:

    Hi! I love my black cat, Chevy Cat. My husband brought her home 7 years ago as a 3 wk old abandoned kitten that he found crying at the truck shop. I came home and there he was, laying on the kitchen floor, teeny black kitten, barely walking, with a little dish of milk next to her. Since he died 5 years ago, Chevy Cat is my constant companion. She comes and goes as she thinks best, and I am Her Servant. I open door, close doors for Her Highness. She likes to lap Black Cherry Cranberry drink just before we retire for the night. Funny. Chevy is really big and has the most beautiful fluffy coat, for a feral kitten, she was using the litter box in a couple of days. I hope she is with me for many long years!

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