A Black Kitten Needs a Home!! (Houston Area)


If you live in the Houston area and are looking for a black kitty, this one needs a good home. The other kitty is a beautiful calico. These kitties are at a “kill” shelter in LaPorte so time is critical. Please call 281-842-3700 if you are interested. The kittens are only six weeks old and they look really sweet. The shelter is open seven days a week from 7:00am – 6:00pm.




  1. Wish I could provide a home for more cats. Can’t do. I have four and I think it is one two many. There’s always fur flying.

  2. courtney Said:

    how much are both

  3. conif Said:

    Hi Courtney,

    These cats are not available anymore, but I have posted a new black kitten that needs a home very quickly or he will be put down. 😦

    Save the Black Cat!

  4. ebru Said:

    why are they not available anymore? Killed? Do shelters kill kittens ? :S

  5. DemonFang Said:

    That is very sad. I wish I was older and lived in Houston. Poor kitty. SOMEONE SAVE THE KITTY!!!

  6. Gail Said:

    I adore my black cat. She is beautiful and unconditionally loving. I can’t imagine life without her. If I could take more I would. She has been the best luck I could imagine. It saddens me that people believe the superstitions of man. Black kitties, opals just to mention a couple. Both are beautiful and carry great fortune.

  7. chan Said:

    I don’t think that black cats are overlooked because people associate them with evil, I think it’s because people can’t see their features very well because light is just absorbed rather than reflected on lighter colored fur. Black dogs have the same experience in shelters. I volunteered for a shelter and took a black dog to an adoption site. He had been in the shelter for over a year, since he was a puppy. I bought him a red collar and red leash and he was adopted that day. I’ve seen shelters put little red velcro collars on black cats and kittens and it increases their adoption rates. I have two black cats and sometimes if the light isn’t good I can’t see their features at all.

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