Look at Max Now! I still LOVE black cats.

My Max

My Max

I can’t believe that my Max is now 1 year old. It seems like yesterday that he came to us as a very scrawny ugly kitten. But I can tell you that now he is such a beauty and so sweet too!! He’s an outside cat and every time I talk to him he meows back. Black cats are just awesome. Sorry it’s been so long since I have posted.  I am trying to get into better habits with the new year.

I am calling on anyone else who owns a black cat to share their stories and don’t forget pictures. I can’t wait to see all of our beautiful black cats.

Sorry about my feet being in the picture. Ha Ha! Have a great and wonderful day!!!



  1. Amy Martinez Said:

    He looks just like my Chili! She is about one year old too, but I’m sorry to say she is not very sweet to everyone. She only loves my fiancee and me. Oh, well. Sometimes I only love her too.=)

  2. conif Said:

    Hi Amy – Well it sounds like Chili is a super cute black cat like Max. I’m glad she is sweet to you and your sweetie.

    Feel free to take a picture of her and post it. 🙂

  3. CurtisF Said:

    Conif, Max is such a sweet cat. Always stays close to the house and is very loyal…which is totally opposite from our OTHER cat we saved and adopted, “Small Fry”. Maybe the reason Max is so sweet is that he is MALE??? I love the pic of Max helping you in our garden…so funny!!!

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