Black Dogs are Discriminated Against

Black dogs are cute too!

It’s been a while since I last posted and I really want to apologize! My Max unfortunately was hit by a car and we were all so sad. 😦 At that point, we decided as a family that having an outside cat was too dangerous and heartbreaking for all of us. With my husband allergic to cats, we could not have an indoor kitty. 😦

So – I moved on and did research on black dogs and even though they don’t have the “bad luck” reputation of black kitties, they are still the most killed dog in the shelters. Black cats and dogs just get overlooked! So I have officially adopted a black lab puppy. She is nine months old and her name is Zoe. I will be posting her pic soon.

Thanks for all the support.

Save the black cat!!!


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  1. Marianne Said:

    We own two black cats and they are just elegant to behold. Cat #3 is a frosty gray sibling. All three of our cats were street cats we gave a home. The newest, Gus, is a catch/neuter/release stray who adopted me. He has the clipped ear. He never stops rubbing on me for more love. Please open your heart to a black cat today. You will be richly rewarded!

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